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Finding accomodation through Students for Students

Are you (temporarily) looking for a new roommate, or are you looking for a place to live yourself?Students for Students would like to help you.

Itís possibble to register for housing every day, by sending an e-mail. The registration fee is 10 Euro. Once youíre registered you can make use of our services right away. We donít have a waiting list and you can check out the available accommodations on our Internet site, on a daily basis. When you see something of interest, you can call us +3120-6189017 to make an appointment. The landlord normally decides who gets the room, but in case they donít have a preference, we make the decision based on whoís registered the longest. Youíre always free to refuse any accommodation after viewing it.

In most cases a contract is drawn up between you and the landlord. Students for Students can offer standard contracts and will help you to fill them out if you want. Sometimes the Landlord doesnít want to make a contract. This doesnít have to be a problem, because according to the Dutch law oral agreements are also valid. Make sure however, to get receipts for your rent and deposit. In most cases itís possible to register in the city that you live in. Therefore you need a contract or a written declaration of the landlord.

Students For Students is always available for advice and/or mediation in case of difficulties between you and your landlord or roommates. Most of the times a simple misunderstanding, due to communication problems, causes the trouble.


  • Always check whether you have received the right keys from the landlord

  • Think about insurance your furniture if you move into an unfurnished room. Make an inventory list if you move into furnished accommodation.

  • Make clear appointments with the landlord/roommates on shared use of bathroom, kitchen etc.

  • Finally weíd like to let you know that even though you have accepted accommodation through Students for Students housing, youíre still registered with us. If you wish to use our services in the future we will be very happy to help you.

    SFS Amsterdam
    Tel: +31-(0) 206189017