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General conditions
Genaral Conditions


-Registration for the Students for Students Housing Agency costs 10,-
- When you start renting accommodation through us, you owe us commission. Commission will be one month rent . Commission should be paid each time you accept accommodation through Students for Students.
- When canceling previously accepted accommodation, a cancellation fee of 60,- will be charged.
- SfS will not refund registration costs if you do not wish to make use our services any longer, or if you have found accommodation on your own.
- Commission will only be refunded if mediation between you and the landlord fails, without it being your fault. If you decide not to take previously accepted accommodation, because you have found different accommodation on your own, commission will not be refunded. If commission is still owed to SfS, it should be paid in full.
- Commission shall be paid within 3 days of the (oral) agreement. If the commission is not paid on time, SfS will call in the services of a debt-collection agency .
- You will be held accountable for the fees of the collection agency, interest and other related expenses.

The way SfS works

- SfS will do their very best to find student accommodation, however, we cannot guarantee to find accommodation and we are not obliged to do so.
- You can call us between 09:00 and 17:00 to inquire about accommodation. If youíre one of the first four people to call for this specific accommodation, we will make an appointment for you to go see this place. Your appointment will generally be the next weekday You are allowed to visit maximum of two accommodations per day.
- SfS reserves the right to refuse to make an appointment for one week in case you fail to show up at a previous appointment.
- SfS cannot be held responsible if a landlord fails to show up at an appointment. SfS cannot be held accountable for any expenses made by possible tenant.
- SfS does not work with waiting lists. The landlord decides who gets the accommodation. If the landlord does not have a preference, the person whoís registered the longest gets the accommodation.
- Registration is valid for one year.

Contact Us

SFS Amsterdam
Tel: +31-(0) 206189017